Companion Diagnostics CDx

Today, the overwhelming majority of FDA approved companion diagnostics are for oncology. The companion diagnostic development process is done concomitantly with the clinical development process, and is largely based on genomic methods. Missing from today’s companion diagnostics development toolbox is the exploration of the hidden genome or microsatellites.

By combining the information gathered from traditional OMICS based sources, microsatellites will add another informative layer that not only holds promise for pan-cancer diagnostics but also for other non-oncology disease areas.

Our microsatellite platform will enable biopharma companies to explore the role of microsatellites to improve the development process by better enrolling target populations for clinical trials and provide another tool for the retrospective analysis of archived clinical trial samples for CDx discovery.

Orbit Genomics has demonstrated the potential to develop new Companion diagnostics by sequencing Atrial Fibrillation patients in collaboration with clinicians at Carillon Clinics. We successfully developed a clinically actionable test for to identify the ~50% of patients that will respond to Dofetilide therapy, a drug that is expensive to initiate and has a narrow therapeutic window.

We are actively seeking  collaborations, partnerships, and alliances to showcase and apply our microsatellite platform as an important addition to current genomic methods used in companion diagnostic development.

Therapeutic Target Discovery

Our OrbiSeq™ platform can also be used for pharma services including therapeutic target discovery . We completed feasibility studies for therapeutic target discovery for several diseases and are actively seeking pharma/biopharma partners.